All locals from the Hamilton area are able to affiliate to the Council. Bolded locals are active affiliates.

CUPE 44- City of Burlington Outside Workers

CUPE 786- St. Joseph’s Healthcare

CUPE 932- Hamilton Public Library

CUPE 1041- City of Hamilton (Supervisors)

CUPE 1065- Joseph Brant Hospital

CUPE 1281- Workers Arts and Heritage Centre, OPIRG, and CUPE McMaster Staff Reps

CUPE 1404- Longterm Care Composite Local

CUPE 1540- City of Burlington Inside Workers

CUPE 1605- Mohawk Hospital Services

CUPE 1712- Wellington Park and Orchard Terrace (long term care)

CUPE 1766- Haldimand and Norfolk CAS

CUPE 1797- Hamilton Wentworth CAS

CUPE 2177- First Student Canada

CUPE 2723- Burlington Transit

CUPE 3396- Hamilton Wentworth Catholic School Board

CUPE 3491- Umbrella Family and Child Centres

CUPE 3906- McMaster University (academic workers)

CUPE 3943- Community Living Hamilton

CUPE 4153- Hamilton Wentworth District School Board (support staff)

CUPE 4700- Haldimand County

CUPE 4923- Hamilton Family Health Team (Mental Health Councillors)

CUPE 4967- Rygiel Supports for Community Living

CUPE 5100- Grand Erie District School Board

CUPE 5167- City of Hamilton (Inside and Outside), DARTS, St. Matthew’s, Good Sheppard, City Lodges, Royal Botanical Gardens, and Hamilton Airport

CUPE 5173- Hampton Terrace

CUPE 5300- Hamilton CAS

CUPE 7800- Hamilton Health Sciences